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Geneva CGB Hospital

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Geneva CGB Hospital  

CGB hospital is the Geneva region's leading private hospitals, was founded in 1899, has 135 beds and 540 doctors holder, which is the first western Switzerland was at the center of ISO9001 certification. In 1983, two hospitals (CG and CB) merged to form today's CGB hospital. 

CGB owned modern infrastructurein all areas, prevention and control departments deal with the risk of infection to monitor the way, in technology, the Ad Hoc Hospital has the latest generation of equipment. Eight departments in hospitalare equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment top, and a systematic upgrading, the latest development. 

CGB hospital contains six professionalism care centers where they have their own doctors and health team: Institute of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Research Institute in the western Switzerland fully automated laparoscopic surgery, fertility, obstetrics, as well as physical therapy and functional rehabilitation center, In addition, there are ad hoc sports medicine department.
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