Tpwell provide comprehensive, authoritative, reliable overseas treatment, overseas health check up, overseas health protection, experts Teleconsultation etc, one stop services for people around the world.

Company service team is composed by overseas doctors, medical experts, medical professionals, professional medical translators  overseas travel experts and foreign senior lawyers, etc. Through our services, international citizens overseas Teleconsultation, overseas treatment, foreign hospitals and experts selection, appointment, foreign medical fees reduction, medical translation, accompanied by overseas, overseas travel and a series of problems will be readily solved. Linking all services links seamlessly, let you enjoy the international high-end medical resources as  same as at home. From consultation, appointment, visa, translation, medical support, local life, sightseeing, shopping, education to business contact, we have professionals to provide you with the most considerate service. Our own doctor advisory group, will provide medical and health management of personalized consultation.

Not only that, but  you can also be customized your privacy health service as required when you return home, such as secondary diagnosis, health management, health consultation, purchasing nutritional supplements, etc. we can coordinate domestic top hospitals to reexamine and rehabilitation treatment.