Tpwell health is a health management company from Australia, a partnership with a number of authoritative medical hospitals and medical institutions in developed countries around the world, including the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Singapore, Canada, Israel, Australia and other countries the authority of the hospitals and medical institutions. China aims for residents create better conditions for medical diagnosis and treatment, take advantage of the global advanced medical resources as much as possible to provide the world's most advanced medical treatments for patients. Help patients successfully completed treatment abroad for treatment, and completely protect the legitimate rights and interests of domestic residents abroad for medical treatment from the legal process and international medical insurance. Our purpose is to provide create better conditions of medical diagnosis and treatment for global residents.  We will take advantage of the global advanced medical resources as much as possible to provide the world's most advanced medical treatments for patients. We will also help patients successfully complete treatment abroad, and completely protect the legitimate rights and interests of  patients all over the world when they receive the treatments abroad, through the legal process and international medical insurance.

Tpwell is the abbreviation of Trip well and Top well. Top well aims to keep healthy in the life journey. We insist on our aim to provide best private health management and best private medical services abroad for our clients.

We provide overseas treatment, overseas healthy checkup, overseas health protection, overseas birth, overseas experts teleconsultation and private health management.

Overseas treatments include treatments of various cancers, pediatric diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Endocrine Diseases, IVF In Vitro Fertilization, sports injury and plastic surgery.

Overseas checkups include health checkup, cancer screening, and genetic test.

Overseas health protections include naturopathic medicine, physiotherapy, health protection travel.

Overseas experts Teleconsultation includes remote medical and remote Teleconsultation.

Private health managements includes body health, mental health comprehensive health. We provide the most advanced standard and concept in Australia, Europe and USA.

Tpwell provides medical services to people all over the world,  wholly, authoritatively, reliably, which are one stop services from overseas treatment, overseas checkup, overseas health protection, to overseas expert Teleconsultation.

The service team of the company are organized with medical professionals, professional medical translators, overseas travel specialists, and overseas experienced lawyers. The difficulties of international residents of Teleconsultation, overseas treatments, choosing hospitals and medical experts, appointment, discount of medical fee, medical translation, overseas accompanying, and overseas travel, will be solved perfectly though our services.

Our own doctor advisory group will provide medical and health management consultation for every individual. Otherwise, our client could have private health service on their own demand after returning home. For example, secondary diagnosis, health management, health protection consultation,  overseas purchasing nutritious supplementary. In addition we can cooperate with the domestic top hospitals to reexamine and rehabilitate our patients.